Crossing Boundaries: Artists in Search of Identity
public talk
Language: English, German
Duration: 60 min
14 Oct, 19:45 / 21:15
Peter Paul Kainrath, CEO of Klangforum Wien
Vladimir Rannev, composer
Jamilia Jazylbekova, composer
Petros Ovsepyan, composer
Dmitriy Renansky, musical critic
Polina Korobkova, composer and text writer
Christine Fischer, artistic director of Musik der Jahrhunderte
Modern reality has taught us that the identity of each person is not sealed but rather a dynamic set of identities: national, cultural, social, gender, and professional. Any social tensions, all the more catastrophes, destabilize their delicate balance in the individual and interfere with the understanding of oneself as a part or product of something specific. A modern artist, entering into arguments with tradition and school, with society and power, with themselves and their art, inevitably faces questions — especially since the catastrophic challenges of recent years’ request answers. How is the identity of a modern artist constructed, what does it consist of, what shapes it? Composers of different generations, as well as experts from various areas of the modern art scene — from visual arts to theatre — will try and offer some answers to these questions.
In 2003, he graduated from the composition department of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, where he studied with Professor Boris Tishchenko. From 2003 to 2005, he studied electronic music at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne with Professor Hans Ulrich Humpert. His works have been performed by Neue Vocalisten Stuttgart, Orkest de Volharding, Amstel Quartet, ensembles Mosaik, Les Eclats du Son, Integrales, LUX:NM, Clair-obscur, El Perro Andaluz, choirs Singakademie Oberhausen and Cuntus Domus, Ums’Jip, KontraTrio, Ensemble Phönix Basel, Ensemble Proton Bern. Rannev is a recipient of a Gartow Stiftung scholarship (Germany, 2002), the winner of the Salvatore Martirano Award of the University Illinois (USA, 2009), Gianni Bergamo Classic Music Award (Switzerland, 2010). His opera ‘Two acts’ to a libretto by Dmitri A. Prigov was premiered in the Hermitage Museum in November 2012 (with Ensemble Mosaik and conductor Enno Poppe) and took the Grand-Prix of Sergey Kouryohin Prize 2013. The opera ‘Drillalians’ was nominated for the National Theatre Golden Mask Prix 2016. The opera ‘Prose’ was awarded the National Theatre Golden Mask Prix (2019).