Photo: Taya Ovod
AKHE Theater
Language: Nonverbal
Duration: 60 min
24 Oct, 19:30 / 25 Oct, 19:30
The dictatorship of art! — No dictator knows its secrets. But suggestions can be found here: fire and water, litres of bubble bath, a giant pentagram-like wooden construction and throbbing music samples give birth to a wonderful new world. No need to crack tough nuts; instead break down their resistance. Burning chairs instead of blazing speeches, retreats from excessive demands instead of bloody tribunals, and healing mud instead of promises of salvation. Megalomania, frenzied movement and the attempt to appease the new gods of the virtual world with pure, unprotected sensuality.
Maxim Isaev
Nikolay Khamov
Sergey Azeev
Music: Denis Antonov
Light: Yaroslav Ushakov
Video: Oleg Mikhailov
AKHE was founded by three young members of the cult Boris Ponizovski theater "Yes — No" in 1989. Immediately they announced themselves as an independent art group (in terms of styles and forms) and started working in the fields of performance, cinema and fine art. From 1996 AKHE developed into a theater collective, with a base of six members, and as cult icons on the Moscow and St Petersburg independent art scene, the group is sought after at progressive festivals and across mainland Europe and the World. AKHE creates a unique dream theater of chaos and symbols. Filled with countless absurd and inspired events, its shows and work with physical laws to create psychological play combined with fantastic images and endlessly fascinating stage pictures. From the summer 2022, according to the political situation in Russia and disagreeing with the war in Ukraine, the AKHE theater emigrated from Russia and began to be based in France, continuing its theatrical activities.
Engineering Theatre AKHE