Photos: Martin Sigmund
Neue Vocalsolisten
Susanne Leitz-Lorey, soprano
Truike van der Poel, mezzo soprano
Daniel Gloger, countertenor
Martin Nagy, tenor
Guillermo Anzorena, baritone
Andreas Fischer, bass
Video: Olga Bubich
Duration: 70 min
Sun 15 Oct 2023, 20:30
Sergej Newski / Olga Bubich
“Art of (not) forgetting”
commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte and PlattformB
Maxim Kolomiiiets “New Work” for six voices commissioned by AFF Projects
Vladimir Rannev EREIGNISSE for six voices after selected novels by Thomas Bernhard commissioned by Musikfonds and Neustart Kultur
The leitmotif of this Neue Vocalsolisten concert can be described as a delicate and fragile woman's voice giving form to the idea of a person under totalitarian conditions who finds strength and dignity through their own voice. The memories of women who experienced the 2020 revolution in Belarus, recorded by the artist Olga Bubich, served as the material for this new piece by Sergej Newski. The silent but distinct voices of women protesting in Istanbul's Taksim Square are expressed in Turkish composer Zeynep Gedizlioglu's “Kelimeler.” Alexandra Filonenko, who was born in Ukraine and lives in Berlin, transforms a monologue from Heiner Müller's “Hamletmachine” into a metaphor for the genesis of language from breath and sound. Finally, the world premieres of works by the outstanding Ukrainian composer Maksym Kolomiiets, and his Russian colleague Vladimir Rannev, form a poetic but clear response to the challenges of our times. In his “Ereignisse” cycle, based on Thomas Bernhard's short stories, Rannev describes a world in which every element attempts to suppress the protagonist's freedom. Thus, the dialectic of freedom and suppression becomes a field of artistic statement, and connects the otherwise very different composers of this evening's program.
Vladimir Rannev
EREIGNISSE for six voices after selected novels by Thomas Bernhard (2022)WP

Sergej Newski /
Olga Bubich Art of (not) forgetting for four voices and video (2023) WP

Alexandra Filonenko
Nackt for сountertenor (2013)

Maxim Kolomiiiets
New Work for six voices (2023) WP

Zeynep Gedizlioglu
Kelimeler (2015)
The singers of the Neue Vocalsolisten see themselves as explorers and discoverers: in exchange with composers, they are constantly searching for new forms of vocal expression. One focus is on collaboration with artists who virtuously exploit the possibilities of digital media, with an interest in networking, in playing with genres, in dissolving space, perspectives and functions. Thus, idiosyncratic interdisciplinary formats between music theater, performance, installation and concert staging characterize the projects of the ensemble, whose work, with more than 30 premieres annually, is considered worldwide to be leading and unique in the field of contemporary vocal
Born in Minsk, Olga has participated in approximately 20 photo exhibitions in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Germany, and Italy. As an art critic, Olga addresses a wide range of topics, including the art and culture sphere in Belarus, the role of photography and art in preserving memories, freedom of expression, and LGBTQ visibility. The project "The Art of (Not) Forgetting," conceived in February 2021, reflects a desire to capture the memories of people who are currently surviving a harsh and traumatic historical period, witnessing events with exceptional emotional intensity that risk becoming quickly distorted.
art and photography critic,
lecturer, photographer