Theater of Imagination
picture: Ten' Theater
Ten' Theater
Language: Russian / English
Duration: 45 min
02 Oct, 18:00 / 03 Oct, 18:00
The Theater of Imagination offers imaginary performances of real theater directors from the point of view of an audience sitting in an auditorium. We ventured to take on the role of the first imaginary viewer and invite you to join us. We are sure that each of you will be able to see your own performance, since all of us know how to complete the unsaid in our thoughts, and how to complete the unfinished in our own imaginations. You will surely enjoy the performance that you imagine because you are its co-author! In fact, if you don’t like it, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

Attention! The administration of the Theatre of Imagination relieves itself of responsibility for imaginary obscenities, scenes of violence, and other unlawful things (we have nothing like that in our imagination), including the complete inability to imagine anything at all on stage.
Actress, producer: Polina Mikhailova
Director: Arseniy Epelbaum
Theater founder, director, actress:
Maya Krasnopolskaya
The Ten' Theater is a striking example of theater with a recognizable style. It was founded in 1987 in Moscow by the husband-and-wife team of puppet theater actress Maya Krasnopolskaya, and artist Ilya Epelbaum. Ten' Theater mounted its debut performance, "The Magic Flute," in the genre of shadow theater, thus inspiring its name (“Ten'” in Russian means “shadow”). Over the years, Ten' Theater has actively participated in more than 90 Russian and international theater festivals, employing a wide range of techniques and genres, including shadow, opera, ballet, and even mysteries, as well as incorporating other forms of art such as visual and cinematic elements. Ten' Theater has garnered numerous awards, including ten prestigious Russian Golden Mask awards: Best Performance in Puppet Theater in 2015, 2010, 2001, and 1999; Best Directorial Work in Puppet Theater in 2013, 1999, and 1997; and the Innovation award in 2005 and 2002. Additionally, the theater received the Special Jury Prize for Dramatic and Puppet Theater for the production of "P.I. Tchaikovsky. Swan Lake. The Opera" (1999). It has performed with great success at numerous festivals in Germany and Bulgaria. The core of the theater’s current repertoire is the “La Tournée du Grand Théâtre Royal de Lilikans” project.